Youtube Slow on Android Phone? Try This!

Youtube for Android

Watching Youtube videos on my Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone used to be a painful experience for me.

The video would take forever to load and would constantly buffer. I know it isn’t my internet connection causing the problem because I used to watch movies on my former Nokia smartphone.

I have found through looking for a solution on the internet that other people are having the same problem using their android smartphone but I’ve never found a solution.

I just stopped watching Youtube videos on my phone altogether.

Until tonight…

Try Watching Youtube With Chrome Instead

Youtube on ChromeWell I’ve come to the conclusion that the Youtube App which is made by Google is crap.

During the last upgrade, the Chrome browser was added to my phones apps. Why do I need another browser was my initial thought but I decided to try it out tonight.

I checked out my site to see how it would look on the browser and navigated to this post which contains a Youtube video.

I was pleasantly surprised when the video started almost immediately and didn’t even lag for a second.

I signed in to Youtube’s mobile site on the web and checked out some videos to be sure. You can watch full HD videos with no problems using the Chrome app for android.

Youtube on Chrome
A Good Day to Die Hard Trailer (Youtube on Chrome)

Why this works and the Youtube app doesn’t? I have no idea why it shouldn’t.

Update: Submitted Fixes

After posting the article, I’ve gotten a lot of views from people checking for solutions.

I realize that this isn’t exactly a fix for the buffering problem with the app and I’m still trying to find more info on what I could do to make the app work better.

Anyway, I’m welcoming fixes from readers that could help myself and other readers so please post in the comments if you know of any.

Below are some user submitted fixes you can try.

From commenter mdvenna: Submitted May 22

“The real fix for this is to go into Setting -> Wi-Fi -> Settings -> Advanced and uncheck Wi-Fi optimization. This makes a huge difference and essentially stop the youtube buffering problem.”

This doesn’t work for me since I don’t have Wi-Fi optimization on my device possibly due to the fact that I’m running 4.1.2. ‘mdvenna’ is using the Galaxy Nexus running 4.2.2. and it works on the Nexus 4 also.

8 comments on “Youtube Slow on Android Phone? Try This!

  • woody miller says:

    I have Nexus 10 tablet, like it but for YouTube. Followed your advise and used via Chrome, amazing difference.
    How can we get Google to fix their Youtube app?
    Thanks for the tip.

    • mdvenna says:

      The real fix for this is to go into Setting -> Wi-Fi -> Settings -> Advanced and uncheck Wi-Fi optimization. This makes a huge difference and essentially stop the youtube buffering problem.

      • Jay Gumbs says:

        I got a little excited at that comment. Thanks for contributing.

        What device are you using? I’m using the Galaxy S3 and got as far as Advanced settings under Wi-Fi but it doesn’t have the Wi-Fi Optimization setting.

        [removed screenshot]

        Hopefully your suggestion works for someone. I’ll update the post.

        • mdvenna says:

          Sorry about that. I should have provided a few more details. I have a galaxy nexus so it has the base android version 4.2.2 right now. My wife has a nexus 4 and the same fix worked for her phone. Your screen looks similar but is missing that particular option… We’ll, hopefully you can find the answer for your phone. Good luck!

          • Jay Gumbs says:

            Thanks for the update!

            I guess it’s the version then because I’m running 4.1.2 so I’ll probably have to wait on Google.

  • Georgina says:

    I have a Samsung S3, Took it in the other day fora an unrelated issue and mentioned steaming problem, and it was a stock setting issue. Go to settings, more options, turn off global access roaming. Once they turned that off, I’ve been able to stream YouTube without buffering

    • Jay Gumbs says:

      Is this the same as data roaming under mobile networks? That’s the option I have. I’ll try it out and see if it works.

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