Yes Man Movie Review

You know how they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover?

This is the movie poster for Yes Man on Netflix.

Yes Man poster
Something’s missing…

I would never watch a movie like that judging from the cover. This looked to me like some motivational documentary and for months I passed it over without adding it to my watch list.

Jim Carrey is unrecognizable in that poster and it doesn’t even have his name. On other posters like the one on IMDB, his name is right at the top. Other posters show other details of the movie like his girlfriend or him bunjie jumping off the bridge.

Thing is, I’ve never heard of this movie before I encountered it on Netflix. Or maybe I did and forgot about it.

It wasn’t until I read the synopsis and saw that it starred Jim Carrey that I got a little bit interested. The poster still turned me off.

Fun(ny) Movie

I watched the movie a day or two after I had added it to my watchlist on Netflix.

I really enjoyed the concept and I thought this was one of Jim Carreys better movies. I laughed out loud during the movie and never once got bored with it.

This was a fun movie that I wouldn’t mind watching it again and I can’t believe that I almost didn’t watch this because of the stupid poster someone thought would be a great idea to use on Netflix.

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