Learn How To Increase The Chances of Winning The Lottery

Man won lottoOk, so I’m flipping through Flipboard, one of my favorite Android apps, and I come across this article on Today about this guy who won the lottery 7 times.

The guy’s name is Richard Lustig and he wrote a book called “Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery“.

Now before I go on further, I would like you to know that I do not play the lottery because I’d rather keep my money than gamble it on something you have very little chance of winning.

I used to play the lottery quite often but would play the pick 3 games since you had a better chance and I even came up with my own system and would win frequently even if it wasn’t any more than $75 from a $2 bet. I also won over $500 twice but when I really thought about it, the money I spent all those times without winning could possible add up to more than I’d ever won.

So I decided that I would never buy a lottery ticket again.

Anyway, I noticed that the reason Today put up the story is because of the big Powerball drawing going on this weekend.

$600 million dollars up for grabs. The biggest in the United States ever.

I have to be honest and say that I would indeed buy a ticket just to have a chance of winning such a huge sum of money. That would certainly do a lot for me especially if I was the sole winner. I wouldn’t even want to win it all. I wouldn’t mind sharing it with a few other people.

After seeing the story on Richard, I figured that a lot of people are definitely going to look for that book he wrote, hoping that they could find something that would help them win this half billion grand prize.

Reviews on Richard’s Lottery Book

I didn’t buy Richard’s book but I did check it out on Amazon to see what the reviews were like and if it had any previews (It didn’t).

What I found was that people who bought the book didn’t like it at all. There were lots more 1 star ratings than any other rating and people called it “basic”, “rip-off” and even “scam”.

Here’s what one reviewer said about the book:

“there is no secret 26 pages with the first 7 pages all about his family winning. the last 2 pages nothing. and in between lets just say nothing to write about. all you need is your common sense. He doesnt have a secret noone can predict how the numbers will fall. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY.”

So this person knew that you can’t predict the numbers but he went and got the book anyway. That’s hope – something every lottery player has. Not a bad thing but they usually end up getting disappointed which is what happened here.

What I think happened with Richard is that maybe he won the lottery quite a bit and someone approached him with a publishing deal. Or one of his family members told him “maybe you should write a book”.

Winning the Lottery bookIn the news article on Today, which claims that a “7 timeĀ  Lottery winner shares his secrets”, Richard actually dishes out some of his advice, which I could imagine are the same “secrets” shared in his book.

He says:

  • Treat it like a job – It requires time and effort to win so you “need to look at lottery that way”.
  • Pick your own numbers – don’t let the computer pick the numbers.
  • Play the same numbers everytime – your odds of winning become better every time you play them.

He also says to set a budget and not get into trouble by spending your rent money or your money for food which is great advice.

I usually don’t see any rich folks lining up in the lottery queues looking for a chance to win a bit of pocket change. It’s always the people who are struggling and getting by in life. This is part of the reason why I stopped playing lottery myself. I don’t know, it’s probably part of my millionaire mindset.

I don’t know why the people who bought Richard’s book would be so disappointed but maybe it wasn’t very well written. Were they really expecting to find some kind of secret formula for picking lottery numbers?

Lottery is just luck and chance and according to the same article, you have a 1 in 175 million chance of winning the Powerball this weekend. You would have a better chance at becoming president of the United States of America.

Of course though, just like becoming president of the United States of America, you could do things to increase your chances of winning. You could buy more tickets, which means spending more money or you could…er…I don’t know – I didn’t write the book!

But you get the idea.

The bottom line is that its just pure luck and chance.

Is It Really Just Luck and Chance?

Gail Howard doesn’t think so.

While Richard’s book is getting bad reviews, there is another book which you can find in the related book section on Amazon, that is getting much better reviews although it’s not as popular. With just 52 reviews to Richard’s 197, Gail’s book, “Lottery Mastery Guide” sports the byline “Turn a Game of Chance into a Game of Skill”.

Although she admits that lottery is a game of chance, she promises that you can turn it into more than just luck.

The reviews of her book indicate that there is some kind of formula she has laid out that people are apparently using and actually winning or coming very close to winning.

One of the reviews reminded me of the system I had developed for winning pick 3 lotto. Not that it was very good but at least I won quite a bit of times using it.

Still, you’re playing a game of chance and these systems only offer a less than random way of looking at the game. For example, if the number 12 hasn’t been called in a while then it’s only a matter of time before it comes up. I know, it’s only one number but doesn’t it give you some ideas?

Remember the odds I mentioned before of winning the Powerball this weekend? It’s 1 in 175 million. I would imagine that the odds of winning a big jackpot in your lifetime would be much lower.

The chance of you getting struck by lightning in any given year is 1 in 700, 000. What do you think the chance of you getting stuck by lightning would be every time it rains, while you shelter under a tree? I guess this would be a good argument for the people who insist on selling lottery formulas and software. It says you do have a chance but who says that chance belongs to YOU?

Sure winning a huge jackpot would be great. Just winning the prize for 4 numbers out of 5 would be better than not winning at all. I just think it would be a much better idea to work on getting a raise or a promotion or learn what you need to do to start a business. Or learn a skill that could make you more money.

What’s Up With All These Systems Anyway?

So how come everybody’s coming out with a lottery system?

There’s always some scientific or mathematical formula you could use to go beyond the randomness of major lotteries like the Powerball, Mega Millions and all the other lotteries all over the world.

There’s even software that you could buy to help you pick winning numbers. How these work, I have no idea. I just did a quick check and there’s one called “Lottery Cash Software“. Some guy says he discovered a loophole in over 90% of lotteries that enabled him to win thousands in one month so he created the software so others could do the same.

Even Gail Howard, the author of that Lotto Mastery book has her own software she sells to people who bought her book.

So these people are making a fortune selling books and software to people who want to make a fortune by winning the lottery.

I’m not sure if Gail Howard has won the lottery. I’m sure she probably has.

Richard Lustig has won the lottery 7 times before. I’m not sure how much he’s spent but he won 7 freaking times so that cost is probably negligible.

However, from the perspective of one of his book reviewers:

“I don’t think Mr. Lustig is making money playing the Lottery. It is my opinion he makes his money by selling this book. Don’t waste your money on this item. All you will be doing is assuring Mr. Lustig has hit the lottery with this book.”

It’s the reviewer’s opinion but he has a point. Better to make a fortune selling a book than to spend money trying to win the lottery. If only the book was better written.

As long as people put their hopes up trying to win this game of chance, there will be people looking at the opportunity from another angle. An angle that actually makes money.

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