What Do You Call a Walking Dead Fan?

the walking dead

I’m up to date on True Blood and I needed something else to watch so after hearing all the buzz around AMC’s The Walking Dead, I decided to check out the show starting from Season 1.

I just finished watching all six episodes of Season 1 and I can see why people love it. The show is really good and I’m hooked.

I almost didn’t get past the pilot (seems to happen with me for most shows I try to get into). But I stuck with it and the other episodes kinda made sense and got me into the show.

One thing I wondered though is what are fans of the Walking Dead called?

True Blood fans are called Truebies. Star Trek fans are called Trekkies. So what about The Walking Dead?

Are they Deadies? Dead-heads? Walkers? What are they called?

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7 comments on “What Do You Call a Walking Dead Fan?

  • Jenna says:

    I think Walkers. I’m a lot of things lol so yeah. YOU ARE NOW MY BEST FRIEND

  • Karmyn Dale says:

    – Walker Stalkers
    – Walking Deaddies
    – ZombieBombiez

  • Patrisha says:

    Dead Heads sounds good but it’s suppose to be what they call Grateful Dead fans. Different era though. I also like Walker Stalkers

  • trina Jacobs says:

    I agree…walker is best! And rick did say we are the walking dead!

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