Sample Saturday: Wale’s The Success & the Gospel Sample Behind It

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Sample Saturday but this week I’m going to talk about the sample behind one of my favorite samples on Wale’s new album, The Album About Nothing.

The Jake One produced track titled “The Success” appears at number 11 on the album and features a gospel sample where a choir sings “all my help it comes from the lord, ooooh oooh ooh”.

The track and sample reminds me of the gospel sample that was first used on Kanye’s “On Sight” from his Yeezus album but featured more prominently in Fabolous’ “Young OG”.

The Sample

The sample comes from a very, very obscure recording called “Psalms 121” by a choir called the Andrews Chapel United Methodist Church Young Adult Choir.

The song is featured on their 1985 album Prepare for God’s Goodness and is based on the Psalms that it’s named after.

The chop can be found at 1:27 in the clip above.

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