How To Do Trick Photography

I’ve always wanted to learn how to do trick photography. I love taking pictures of everything although I don’t have one of those expensive DSLRs.

So I was checking out some stuff on Youtube and found this video by a guy named Evan Sharboneau.

The video above shows Evan taking high speed photographs of fruits and vegetables in a fish tank to show splashes and flashes. The guy really knows his stuff and I was very impressed by this trick photography tutorial and checked out some other videos.

Some of the other videos that I checked out included photography tricks like:

  • How to make a banana float
  • How to float in mid air
  • Multiplicity (one photo, multiple instances of one subject)
  • How to do Bokeh photography
multiplicity clones trick
Multiplicity photo effect

These are great tricks to know if you want to add some special effects to your photos and wow people. Imagine all the likes you can get on Instagram just knowing some of these tricks.

Anyway it lead me to Evan’s trick photography book that contains all his tricks and I checked that out too.

Review of Evan’s Trick Photography and Special Effects 2.0 Book

The book is very detailed and at almost 200 pages it is packed with photography tricks and all the how-to that you’d want to know for lots of popular tricks. Everything from long exposure effects and light painting, tricks and special effects using your camera and Photoshop projects are included.

Below is a quick excerpt from the book where he shows how to do a shaped bokeh trick.

Bokeh excerpt

This is just out of the tonnes of tricks that you will find in Evan’s book and with each of these tricks he shows you exactly what to do to achieve the desired effect.

It got me thinking about how I use Instagram and the type of photos that I would usually like on there. Most of the times when I’m not liking hot selfies, I would like the stunning landscape photos or the beach shot with the cool filters – the type of shots that don’t exactly look normal.

These photos usually have a high number of likes and it’s clear to see why that is the case.

Just taking better photos and applying special effects to them can make you very popular on the social network.

Knowing how to do these photography tricks may mean something different to you than it might mean to me. Whatever that may be, you will definitely learn something from Evan in his Trick Photography and Special Effects book.

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