Mary Leakey & her Dalmatians in Google’s Doodle

Google celebrates archaeologist and anthropologist Mary Leakey’s 100th birthday with a doodle today. Leakey is depicted here discovering the Laetoli footprints in Tanzania. The dogs in the picture are dalmatians and I’ve seen some questions online that indicate people are confused by this detail. So what do the dalmatians have to do with Mary Leakey? […]

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Bram Stoker doodle © 2012 Google

All the Characters in Google’s Dracula Doodle

Some hate it and some love it. Either way it’s a cool way to celebrate Bram Stoker’s 165th birthday – a doodle on Google’s homepage. Dracula can be clearly seen on the right of the doodle with his scraggly hands, sharp canine and characteristic cape. But who are the other characters? If you’re a fan […]

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