Track of the Day: Suede Clarks – Jahvillani

It’s Jahvillani again, the artist who I kicked off the challenge on January 1st with.

This time he is back with the brand new track “Suede Clarks”. This track was just released today on the Dengue Riddim from Country Hype Entertainment.

Jahvillani has an obsession, I guess like a lot of other dancehall artists, with Clarks. He had another song called “Clarks Pon Foot“.

I personally don’t like Clarks. I have never seen the appeal and will probably never wear a pair of these shoes. They’re the ugliest set of shoes I have ever seen to be honest.

However, “Suede Clarks” is a tough song. Love the Jahvi style on this one and I think this could be a hit.

I’m listening to one new song every day in January and this is day 10 of 30. 20 to go.

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