Day 8: Song Structure

puzzle_pieceThis is an interesting bit of knowledge to add to what I learned yesterday and it’s how to structure the beat when you’re putting it together in the playlist.

Sometimes I hear beats that just sound like it’s a straight loop without much variation. Learning how to structure your songs can help you knock out beats that don’t sound monotonous at all.

Tutorial came with an FLP so you won’t have to keep referencing the video but I think this is a skill that comes with experience so I’ll just keep practicing what I’ve previously learned before and this should fall into place.

Here’s a brief run down of things you should know when structuring your song as seen in the tutorial:

  • elements of song – intro, 8 bar hook, 16 bar verse, drop, variation, transition effects, outro.
  • where to put these elements

Reminds Me Of…

So just thinking of this topic, I got reminded of the beats from the early 90’s, specifically those produced by The Bomb Squad. I thought of Ice Cube’s beats to then realized that the Bomb Squad also produced some of his earlier stuff.

Those beats had crazy amount of samples and you would always be entertained just listening to the beats. Here’s two examples of what I’m talking about.

Ice Cube – Jackin’ for Beats

Public Enemy – Welcome To the Terrordome

Just a reminder of some beats that kept you entertained.

Ok so more practicing and more learning from

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