I Actually Love Snoop Dogg’s Bush

bush album cover

I first learned about Snoop Dogg’s Bush album when it leaked about a week ago.

Knowing that Snoop Dogg has said that he was tired of rap, I was a bit hesitant but checked out the Wikipedia article on the album for more info.

The article was a bit misleading as it was saying that Bush was his first album entired of hip hop since Doggumentary. Excited by this I immediately downloaded it and transferred it to my USB flash drive for the car.

On first listen I was disappointed and thought to myself – this is not for me but I listened through to the end anyway.

On the second listen, I realized that the album was free of expletives and that I could listen to it while my son was in the car. This was probably the only clean album on my drive that I could listen to while he was in the car.

It was on this second listening that I really got it. This wasn’t a rap album but a funk album with records similar to the smooth “Sensual Seduction”.

And I was enjoying it, loving the blend of Snoop’s vocals over Pharrell’s production and Charlie Wilson’s occasional crooning.

Bush stayed on rotation the entire week as I listened it almost everyday. I just loved the vibe and I really could do with a break from hip hop every  now and again.

The album is a nice listen all the way through – 10 funky records with only about three rap verses courtesy TI on “Edibles”, Rick Ross and Kendrick Lamar on the album’s closer and hardest song “I’m Ya Dogg”.

There’s one stretch on the album that contains the 5 best songs. Track 2 to track 6 are undeniably the best songs on the album.

5 Best Songs on Bush

In my opinion the five best songs are:

(5) This City – Although the intro itself is great, track two is where you start to catch the vibe

(4) So Many Pros – For your information baby – this is one of the smoothest and funkiest songs on the album.

(3) Awake – Track 4 is where you realize how much all the songs sound alike but are still so very different. Reminds me of “Get Lucky” for some reason.

(2) Peaches N Cream – This was my favorite song the first couple of listens. Great music. Snoop raps a bit on this one too.

(1) R U A Freak – Charlie Wilson’s vocals shine on track 3 and keeps the party moving when he sings “side to saaaiide”. It’s easily my favorite song on the album.

I really like this album even though it’s not what I initially expected but then again what can you expect from Snoop at this point? This makes him more than just a rapper. He’s a musician who can jump from hip hop to reggae to funk and r&b.

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