Smoke DZA & 183rd – Ringside Samples

Ringside EP cover

Smoke DZA dropped a new 5 track EP last Sunday, a project entirely produced by his go-to producer 183rd.

The wrestling themed EP is called Ringside and has the kushed one rhyming over theme songs for some notable wrestlers.

I’m not a big fan of wrestling. In fact, I’ve never liked wrestling even as a child so none of the themes were familiar to me except for Voodoo Child which is really Jimi Hendrix’s song used as a theme.

Anyway, DZA is a big wrestling fan it seems. One precursor to this album’s theme is the sampling of WCW’s The Four Horsemen theme for the song “Lo Horsemen” off the Harry Fraud-produced Rugby Thompson.

Ringside’s cover art features legendary Iranian wrestler The Iron Sheik and the songs all have vocals of the wrestlers talking smack.

So which themes did 183rd use for the Ringside tracks?

Tracklist & Samples

1. The Streak – The Streak uses a sample of a version of The Undertaker’s theme song called “Grim Reaper” composed by Jim Johnston who composes original music for the WCW.

2. Y2Kushedgod – I believe track 2 is sampling Chris Jericho’s theme song. It has samples of Chris Jericho. This is the only one I’m not completely sure about.  Help me out in the comments.

3. Wolf Pack – Wolf Pack uses a sample of the “Kevin Nash/Wolf Pac Theme” as composed by Jimmy Hart.

4. Machismo – This song uses a sample of “Bad Boy” composed by Jim Johnston. “Bad Boy” is the theme song for Razor Ramon who you can also hear on the song.

5. Hollywood Smoke Hogan 2.0 – A sequel to a song from his Cuz I Felt Like It EP, this song uses Hulk Hogan’s theme song which just happens to be Jimi Hendrix’s “Voodoo Child”.

You can download and listen to the project on

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