Track of the Day: Slap The Shit Outcha – Redman

I love when the rappers from my favorite era in hip-hop drop new music. Redman just gave us 3 Joints which has, you guessed it, 3 joints.

I listened to all three songs just now – it’s 10 minutes long – and my favorite one is the second track “Slap the Shit Outcha”.

There’s also “Its a Banguh” which samples “Da Rockwilder” and the last track “Zugga”.

Check out 3 Joints on your favorite streaming platform now.

Day 11 and I’m 11 joints deep into my one new song a day for 30 days challenge. Well, I listened to 3 new ones just now but “Slap the Shit Outcha” is my pick for today.

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