Samsung Galaxy Not Charging? Here’s the Best Solution I Found

usb samsungFor a while now, my Samsung Galaxy S3 has been giving me trouble to get it charged.

When I plug the USB cord into the charging port, it usually hangs loose and I have to push it really hard to get a charge. Then I’ll have to carefully put it down and not disturb it in order for it to get a full charge.

Well, this morning was the last straw. I put the phone to charge overnight and when I woke up, it was completely dead.

No matter how hard I pushed the USB cord or jiggled it around, the phone would not charge.

I began researching charging port problems and found that it was a common problem for Samsung phones and even tablets.

The Best Solution

Eventually I got to YouTube and checked out a few videos but the solutions were all complicated – from removing and replacing the charging port to cleaning out the dust and lint from the port.

The following video though was a lifesaver. It’s the best solution I found that helped me get my phone charging again.

To summarize this excellent video with what I did, all you need to do is to cut your USB cord right at the end of the part that plugs into your phone.

Then strip the rubber from the inner wires. You should find inside green, white, red and black wires. Clip off the green and white ones – you won’t need these. You need the red wire to connect to the positive terminal and the black wire to connect to the negative.

Strip away about 4 inches of the red wire to reveal the raw wires inside. Do the same for the black wire.

What I did was to ball up the raw wires and then stick them inside their respective terminals.

Connect the USB end to a power source and your phone should start charging again.

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