Day 9: Using Samples in FL Studio

I skipped over a bunch of videos to get to the one on sampling in FL Studio.  Sampling is the part of beat-making that I get super excited about.

sampling-recordsIf you know me, I am a regular contributor to and I also have a Sample Saturday category on this site where I break down some samples that I find interesting.

I like the idea of taking a nice loop from some old song and making something totally new out of it. I also like spotting connections between things and have always wanted to work with samples ever since I got into trying to make beats.

So I’m on Day 9 and just learning about sampling in FL Studio. From the looks of it the guys over at Beat Generals don’t look like trying to teach a lot about sampling but they do know there stuff and the tutorial was great. I think they’re more into teaching you how to make original sample-free beats but they have tutorials on all styles of hip-hop production so everyone is covered depending on your interest.

Lessons in Sampling

Now the tutorial covered the basics of sampling, not actually making a beat with sampling. I guess you’d just go back to the making a beat tutorial and use the loops instead of the actual instruments.

Some stuff that was covered:

  • how to chop your sample using Edison
  • how to loop it correctly in the step sequencer
  • using Slicex to get that choppy 9th Wonder sound
  • how to make interesting chopped up instrumentals (this was dope)

I watched the tutorial twice just to make sure that I soaked it all in and I just want to go chop the chit out of some records now and just loop them.

Songs I Want to Sample

Ever since I got interested in making beats, I’ve been taking note of songs that would make for great beats if sampled. I won’t reveal them all but here are just a couple that I really want to play with.

(1) Woman’s Got To Have It – James Taylor

The original by Bobby Womack has been sampled over and over by every from 50 Cent to Big K.R.I.T. but nobody seems to have sampled this cover by James Taylor. I think it’s smoother and more mellow. Not a lot of instrumental parts though just the intro and vocals.

(2) Douceur Tropicale – Michel Lorin et son ensemble

I wasn’t going to mention this one but I just checked it out on Youtube and there’s a bunch of comments about sampling it and who has sampled it. But this is good stuff anyway, especially the two loops I was going to try to sample.

Ok so another great lesson on something that I’m really excited about. Something else to play with while practicing. Look out for a video coming soon.


I think I might check out the tutorials on making your drums interesting. There are several of these like for kicks, snares, hi-hats and some others.

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