Sample Saturday: Young Buck’s Thug Til Your Death Day

The sample for Young Buck’s Thug Til Your Death Day, a song off his 2006 mixtape, Chronic 2006, eluded me for a while.

Maybe it’s how I didn’t grow up in the ’80s.

However, sometimes all it takes is for a big artist like Rick Ross to use the same sample on a commercially released album for it to be revealed via the album credits.

The Sample

The sample for Young Buck’s “Thug Til Your Death Day” is “Baby” by LTD vocalist Jeffrey Osborne off his self-titled debut solo album released in 1982.

Rick Ross also sampled the song on God Forgives, I Don’t on the Stalley-featured “Ten Jesus Pieces”. Trey Songz also used it on “Not So Ghetto” from a 2010 mixtape.

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