Sample Saturday: Smoke DZA’s Fish Tank x Danny Elfman

Smoke DZA – consistent and without a doubt one of my favorite emcees. I got hooked when I heard his Sweet Baby Kushed God Free EP last year and went back and listened his previous work plus the stuff he released after (this year).

One thing DZA knows how to do very well is pick beats. Maybe he listens to his own music from the point of view of a fan, I don’t know.

On his latest mixtape, K.O.N.Y., the Kushed god spits over beats by 183rd, Ski Beatz, DJ Dahi, Harry Fraud and others. Lee Bannon contributes two beats including the sample filled “Fish Tank”.

“Fish Tank” features the cooing baby sounds from Aaliyah’s smash hit “Are You That Somebody” as well as a vocal sampled hook from Juicy J’s “Ain’t Allowed Where I’m From”. There is also dialogue from the movie “King of New York”. And the main sample for the beat…

The Sample

Lee Bannon has got to be applauded for this sample because I personally think this is a genius chop.

He took the sample from Danny Elfman’s soundtrack to the 1993 Tim Burton movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. The composition “Doctor Finkelstein/In the Forest” is the source of the beat for “Fish Tank”.

You can hear the sample at about the 1:26 mark.

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