Sample Saturday: Smoke DZA’s Ball Game x Ronnie Laws

Rolling Stoned introduced me to Harlem rapper Smoke DZA. I first heard the kushed god on the “4 Loko” single featuring ASAP Rocky.

The album is filled with some great sample sourced beats mostly from DZA’s go to producer 183rd. “Ball Game”, which features Kendrick Lamar, is one of those tracks.

The Sample:

183rd crafted the instrumental from a Ronnie Laws track called “Night Breeze” off his 1976 album Fever. The composition was written by Bobby Lyle who did his version a year later which was then sampled on Mad Skillz debut album.

Here’s Ronnie Laws’ Night Breeze with the sampled part right at the beginning.

More DZA, less Harlem Shake.

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