Sample Saturday: Roc Marciano’s 20 Guns x Tchao Pantin

I’ve been bumpin’ the new Roc Marciano on repeat for a week now. My favorite thing about Reloaded is probably the dusty, sample-based beats throughout.

Marcberg certainly dug deep in the crates with these joints as I still don’t know what half the samples on the album are. Of those that I do know, I particularly like the 20 Guns sample with the piano and sax sounds.

The Sample:

The sample is from the soundtrack of the 1983 French film Tchao Pantin (the English title is “So Long, Stooge“).

The song is Saxo-Echos composed by Charlélie Couture.

Nice that Roc Marciano used the shots and the screaming woman at the beginning also.

If anyone knows the sample for “Wee Ill”, I’d love to know. Either use the contact form or let me know in the comments below.

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