Sample Saturday: Leaf Dog’s All Alone x Lena Martell

It’s always good to discover new music that’s not only great but embodies everything you love about that genre of music. That’s how I felt about Leaf Dog’s From a Scarecrow’s Perspective.

Heavily sample-driven with the underground feel with sharp rhymes – you just can’t complain.

The track “All Alone” on this album is the perfect showcase of the above description.

The track kicks off with a sample of a woman singing “you’ll be free, but me, I’m gonna be, all alone…”. The song’s title is derived from this sample which plays in between another sample at the end of each verse.

The Sample:

The lyrics for from the song is easily identified as coming from a version of “With Pen In Hand” originally by Bobby Goldsboro.

There are numerous versions of this song sung by country artists and the likes of Aretha Franklin, Vikki Carr and Della Reese but the sample is from someone closer to Leaf Dog’s home of the United Kingdom (Scotland to be exact).

Lena Martell’s version of “With Pen In Hand” was chopped up to make part of the sample for “All Alone”.

Her version can be found on the 1972 Pye Records release Introducing Lena Martell.

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    2nd in google search, you’ve been very helpful mate 🙂 Thank you.

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