Track of the Day: The Ride – Dizzy Wright

I listen to a lot of new songs daily. The goal was to listen to one new song every day. So I’m doing well.

But not all the songs I’m really feeling enough to post them here so I have to find something that I’m really feeling.

After about my fourth song today I found “The Ride” by Dizzy Wright, who I pledged to have a listen to after he was picked by XXL for their Freshmen Class of 2013. I never did but I now know that this was a good pick.

I like this type of sound and it reminds me of Kendrick Lamar and TDE type production especially his Section.80 album sound.

After this I know I’m going to listen to more Dizzy Wright and I’ll probably seek out his discography which from one peep on Wikipedia stretches from his 2010 mixtapes to his last studio album released just last year.

This is the fifth song as I take a challenge to listen to one new song every day for 30 days in January.

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