Track of the Day: Rap Up 2019 – Uncle Murda

Uncle Murda dropped the video for his “Rap Up 2019” song today.

I saw notifications for the song when it came out earlier but I just wasn’t interested in listening to a 10 minute song. But I decided to check out the video now anyway because I found it interesting that he made visuals.

To be honest, the year end rap up was started by Mad Skillz and Murda ran with it I guess. I enjoyed Skillz’ yearly rap ups.

Listening to Uncle Murda’s rap up is like listening to some juicy gossip. Lots of things he touched on like:

  • K. Michelle’s sexy parts not smelling good
  • 69 snitching
  • Lizzo and her stripping
  • When They See Us
  • Jussie Smollet might drop the soap on purpose
  • All the black pageant winners
  • Lil Nas X coming out… with his hit song
  • Tank talking about sucking…ugh
  • R. Kelly’s drama
  • and a lot of other stuff that happened last year.

Murda thinks people gonna hate him through. And they probably will for violating them.

Anyway the best part of the song though? That fire beat with that Gap Band sample in it.

Almost there. 30 new songs in 30 days. One more to go but I’ll just add a bonus because January has 31 days.

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