Day 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

piano-melodyI still haven’t moved on after the video on creating melodies. If I’m going to get good at this, I don’t want to rush it and be just average.

To become great at this takes practice and I haven’t made a decent melody that I’m satisfied with. Until I’m satisfied, I don’t  think I can go to the next step. I’m not worried because this is only day 6 of the challenge.

Plus it’s the weekend and since I have a life, I’ve been busy hanging out with friends, shooting pool, etc. Didn’t really get much practice but I’ve been working on it.

I’ve had to go back and check out some of the earlier videos especially the music theory ones. I think the reason I’m having a bit out trouble is that I’m not really sure of the notes to play in the different scales. I know where the keys are for the different root notes and so on but then I find myself referencing the Piano World resource.

New Stuff

I also checked out some of the latest update where they make a Young Jeezy styled beat like what you’d usually hear on TM101.

The announcements they made at the end of the video was kinda exciting and I’m hoping I can move on to the advanced stage for this. I’d still enjoy it either way.

Apparently they’re going to be having guest producers helping out with tutorials, kits and other stuff. Producers who are actually in the industry and are very well-known. They haven’t said who but I’m looking forward to that for sure.

In the mean time I’m going to get some more practice creating melodies and understanding scales and chords.

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