Post Malone’s Cover of Return of the Mack from Hilarity for Charity

I never really got into Post Malone’s music but watching Seth Rogen’s comedy charity special tonight on Netflix gave me something I really liked.

His performance at the end of the show was nostalgic and made me like the dude a little more.

After being announced the band started playing the familiar 90’s tune Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison and I was wondering if they were just playing that so he could come on stage but then Post started singing.

I always loved that song growing up in the 90s and it was cool to have a cover from… a rapper?

Doesn’t matter. I sang along the verse and the chorus – “You lied to meh! Yes, I cried. Yes I crah ah ah ayed!”

I couldn’t find a clip of the performance online but you can check out Post’s cover of Mark Morrison’s Return of the Mack from Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity on Netflix and check out the original here.

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