Movies This Week: Scanner Cop, Sweetwater and The Monster Squad

Sweetwater screencap

This week, I watched three movies, one of which I’ve seen before and wanted to see again.

The movies all come from different genres – Sci-fi, Western and comedy.

Scanner Cop (1994)

The first one I watched was Scanner Cop. I had seen it years ago, in the nineties probably when it first premiered on cable television. I remember talking with a friend about it but over the years I couldn’t seem to remember much about it.

Since I had enjoyed it back then and happened to stumble on it through YouTube, I decided to watch it again.

I really enjoyed this movie watching it again and was delighted to learn some things about it.

  • It’s the first in the Scanner Cop series and has a sequel
  • The movie itself is also a sequel being the fourth installment in the Scanners series

The movie is about a cop who can “scan” (has telekinetic powers and can read minds) who must help his adopted father (the police chief) to track down someone who is brainwashing people to kill cops.

I’ve tried to watch the original Scanner after seeing this one but that couldn’t hold my attention as much as the opening sequence for Scanner Cop.

Sweetwater (2013)

Sweetwater is an independently produced western that I had in my YouTube “watch later” playlist for over a month.

After watching this movie, I definitely should have checked it out earlier because I enjoyed every minute of it. It seems this movie might also be a dark comedy as well. I just couldn’t help laughing at some of the stuff that went down in this movie.

The villain here is a good one, the evil and fanatical religious leader who engages in rape, murder and bigamy among other things. He has no problem breaking all ten commandments and is just such a fun character to watch.

Ed Harris also shows up as the new sheriff in town and his character was also very enjoyable from the time he shows up and literally kicks out the town’s lazy lawman into the streets.

But the reason to watch this movie is the other main character, the lady in the purple dress who dishes out revenge on a bunch of people in the town who you know just had it coming. She is just as ruthless and cunning as the villain but only because she was pushed.

Good western that’s worth watching.

The Monster Squad (1987)

Finally, another movie that was in my “watch later” playlist on YouTube.

I like these kind of movies and I also enjoyed this one about Dracula coming to present day with his gang of monsters, Frankenstein’s creation, the creature from the Black Lagoon, the mummy and the Wolfman.

A group of kids who call themselves the Monster Squad must stop them by having a virgin read some stuff from a diary that can stop Dracula.

Reminds me of all the fun movies that came out in the eighties like those John Hughes comedies. I gotta dig up some of that stuff and watch them.

Anyway, you can catch these movies on YouTube before they get deleted or you can get a subscription to Amazon Prime and watch them on any device (Ipad, mobile, desktop, television).

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