Movies Watched This Week: Rapa Nui & 2 Guns

2 guns

This week was a very busy week for me with my other websites but I still managed to watch two movies.

One of the movies is an old one (from the 90s) that I had always wanted to see back then but they never showed it on the local channel which was all we had at the time. The other movie came out last year.

Rapa Nui (1994)

The first time I saw this movie trail was probably about 1995 or 1996 on Cinemax via the only local television station we had.

I had already seen Dances With Wolves which was a very memorable movie for me and Rapa Nui was made by the same people. So between that and the trailer which had all types of action scenes in there, I really wanted to see it.

I never got to at the time but for some reason put it on my IMDB watchlist sometime last year. I also found out that maybe only 14 people ever saw the movie :).

It was a good watch though and probably the most enjoyable part of the movie is the actual race that the movie is built around. That was a great sequence and made the movie worth watching in my opinion.

2 Guns (2013)

The next movie I watched was 2 Guns with Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg.

This is one of those movies that you start watching, you get confused about the plot and almost want to stop watching. But someone they manage to keep your attention and you they start tying the pieces together until you get it.

It’s an ok movie with lots of action and humor. It just seems very pointless at times.

Oh, and Robin Thicke’s wife looks smoking hot in this movie too. That didn’t seem so pointless.

I saw both movies on Youtube (yes even 2 Guns) but you can also watch these and over 40,000 other titles with a subscription to Amazon Prime  which also includes free 2 day shipping on millions of items.

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