Movies Watched This Week: One Love & The Tourist

The Tourist (2010)

This week I tried catching up on some of my tv shows that I watch. I binge-watched the entire 6th season of True Blood and started watching The Walking Dead.

I also watched two movies, both of them having some sort of romance type storyline in them. I watched them both with my girlfriend so that’s probably the reason.

What they didn’t have in common was the country of origin. One was a Jamaican film and the other was a Hollywood film.

One Love (2003)

I love Jamaican movies probably because I can more related to them since I’m from the Caribbean. They have the same culture and environment that I’m familiar with so the story could probably happen right outside my window.

One Love is a movie starring Ky-Mani Marley (from Shottas) and Cherine Anderson who previously had a role in Dancehall Queen (1997). The movie follows Ky-Mani Marley, a Rasta musician who meets Cherine Anderson, a church girl during an audition for a contest they’re both entering in. The two end up entering into a very challenging romance since the girl is engaged to be married and both their religious beliefs clash.

My favorite part of the movie is the battle Ky-Mani’s band has to endure against the corrupt music industry and I got a buzz off the plan they hatched to get back at the music promoters. That was by far the best part of the movie for me.

I had wanted to watch this movie for a while but didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did. I ended up watching it twice – once by myself and then once with my girlfriend after I told her it was her type of movie.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie for it’s light-hearted and family friendly comedy and culture that I could relate to.

The Tourist (2010)

I watched this one with my girlfriend as well and I enjoyed it until the ending – then I kinda didn’t really think it was that good of a movie.

The ending spoiled the entire movie and it seemed that the movie was so full of holes just because of it. My girlfriend kept telling me what was up with the ending (you’re welcomed, I’m not going to spoil it) but even though it dawned on me that it was possible, I really hoped that was not the case. I kept telling her no, thinking to myself that it couldn’t be that predictable. They had better be smarter than that if they were going to make such a twist.

Anyway, it has it’s moments and is a little enjoyable for a while. Good date movie probably. Just don’t expect too much.

If you want to watch any of these movies, One Love is currently on Youtube and you can find The Tourist and over 40,000 titles on Amazon Prime.

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