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Movies Watched: The Dark Knight Rises, Apparition & More…

dark knight scene

The movies I’m listing here this week aren’t all movies that I’ve watched in the past week. I haven’t added anything to this blog for a while because I’ve been really busy with my business and I’m also a new father to a baby boy so my attention is being channeled elsewhere but for good reason.

Instead the movies are a list of what I’ve seen since the last update. I keep track of them so that I can write this post but even so it’s still just a handful of movies (since I’ve been so busy).

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

After seeing “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”, I had high hopes for The Dark Knight Rises. Unfortunately, due to the movie’s slow pacing, I did not enjoy the movie that much.

There are some action scenes in the movie that I really enjoyed like when we first meet Bane and the scene with the stadium. I know that Christopher Nolan wants to really make his Batman series more serious and darker than the original Batman stuff that came before but I think this last one made me kinda hate the entire series even though I enjoyed the two that came before.

I nodded off more than a couple of times while checking it out. Seriously, they go too deep into chit that no-one really cares about. I just didn’t like it.

I’m Santana: The Movie (2012)

I’m from the Caribbean and I’ve looked forward to seeing this Trinidadian movie since watching the short puppet videos on YouTube with the Santana universe.

The comedy series has a cult following and depicts Caribbean life, in particular that of the native Trinidad and Tobago with a collection of characters like Santana and his girlfriend Janice, Pastor Stewart and Narine.

The movie was well done and it expanded on what the series created. The storyline was well done and the laughs were genuine.

The movie was made for Caribbean people which helped it preserve it’s authenticity. If you’re not from the Caribbean and didn’t understand Caribbean life and culture then I’m not sure how you’d receive this but Caribbean people will definitely appreciate and relate to this movie, in my opinion.

The only thing I didn’t like was the obvious human stand-in for one club scene that called for some close ups. But that was minor and I really enjoyed this movie.

Here’s a clip from the original series (not the movie):

The Apparition (2012)

My girlfriend wanted us to watch this movie together since it was a horror.

I had been warned about this movie not long before I saw it but for some reason, although the name sounded familiar, it slipped me and I ended up watching a boring, confusing and otherwise  waste of my time movie.

My girlfriend also hated it as well. We regretted watching it. At some point in the movie, it seemed as if the director (who also happens to be the writer) knew that he had already messed up and just tried to finished it anyway.

I don’t recommend you even try to watch this for any reason.

One Tough Bastard (1996)

This movie was part of my old man’s bootlegs. I checked it out for Brian Bosworth – I happen to enjoy some of his action movies although they’re straight to video fare. “Stone Cold” and “Black Out” are two that I like.

One Tough Bastard is also known as One Man’s Justice and Bosworth goes up against gun-running federal agents and gangsters to get revenge for the killing of his wife and daughter.

Cool movie with an appearance from MC Hammer.

100 Rifles (1969)

Raquel Welch is beautiful.

This western was another enjoyable movie that I got from my old man’s bootleg collection. Jim Brown, Burt Reynolds and Lorenzo Lamas’ father are all part of this 1969 movie.

I don’t know if Reynolds was trying to be funny or not but his presence and acting lightened up the subject matter of racial profiling and tension in this south of the border western. Raquel Welch was great too – for eye candy and also for the tough character she played.

Not your typical western but it’s cool nevertheless.

Bad Boys (1995)

This is one of my favorite action movies of all time and I can watch it whenever it’s on. I first watched it back in 1995 at the local theatre and really enjoyed watching the action, comedy and chemistry unfold between detective partners Mike Lowry and Marcus Burnett played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence.

Everything about this movie is perfect. Great pacing, solid action, great soundtrack, comedy, the characters, the villains. Everything.

If you want to catch any of these movies (except The Apparition – I warned you), you can check to see if they’re on Youtube, or get a subscription to Amazon Prime and stream them on any supported device.

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