Day 2: Working With The Playlist and Saving Your Work

Play iconToday is Day 2 of my Beat Generals Challenge. I watched a couple of videos in the beginner section and it’s more introduction to important parts of the interface plus some best practices for saving your work.

Working in the Playlist

Along with the step sequencer and the mixer, the playlist is one of the most used parts of FL Studio. You would use the playlist after assembling stuff in the sequencer to put together all the parts to make your beat.

In the tutorial, I learned how to use the different tools in the playlist. Nothing too advanced. Just what the different tools are used for and some tips like setting a loop point when working with a beat and other useful stuff.

One important thing I learned that I didn’t know was using the “cell” instead of “line” to snap components in the playlist. I had done a remake of a Havoc beat when I was first introduced to FL Studio and someone noticed a skip in the video I put up. If I had used “cell” when I was arranging the patterns in the playlist then this wouldn’t have happened.

Lesson learned.

Saving Your Beats

The next tutorial was short and it covered some tips on saving your beats. This is especially useful when you have lots and lots of beats. Finding them when you need can become a problem after a while so these tips should help solve that.


Day 3, it looks like introduction to VSTs and using ADSR Envelops. I’m looking forward to these as I’m sure these are stuff that I have never touched on during my brief past encounter with FL Studio.

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