How To Make Money With Android Apps

android-cashApple’s Iphone used to be the rule of the smartphone market once upon a time. Then Samsung released their flagship phone, the Galaxy S3 and things began to change. And with the Galaxy S4 coming out soon,  Android is fast becoming the leader in mobile smartphone applications.

I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I love browsing Google Play looking for interesting apps that I could use on my phone. It’s interesting to see though, how some of these apps are monetized and are making the developers money.

In this article, I’ll explain a few ways in which you can make money with Android apps and an easy way to get started.

4 Ways To Make Money with Android Apps

Once you can get an app into the Android marketplace, there are a few ways in which you can cash in.

1. Make a Paid App

While there are many free apps available, there are also many paid apps that are also useful. People will pay for apps if they serve a helpful purpose in their life, or to get more features out of a very useful free app, to unlock levels in games and a lot of other reasons.

The key is to make sure that the app is useful and entertaining to the user.

2. Make Apps for Businesses

If you know how to make apps then you can contact businesses in your area about making apps for their business. For example a pizza shop may want an app that lets users easily put together their pizza and order it.

You can get creative and approach businesses about getting an app made. Or search online for people who need an app done and get paid for the job.

3. In-App Ads

You don’t have to make a paid app to make money. Free apps make money by showing ads to the user.

Here’s an interesting example. You may know about the wildly popular Angry Birds game. It’s a free game for Android and Iphone. The company that makes it, Rovio, makes over $1 million a month from in-game ads.

All you would need is an AdMob account (Google Adsense for Mobile) to show ads in your free app. There are also other mobile ad networks you can use.

4. Sell Ad Space to Advertisers

This is an alternative to using advertising networks like AdMob. Once you have your app in the marketplace, you can contact advertisers directly to put their ads in your app. They will pay you a fee for a specific period of time or for a number of impressions (how many times the ad is viewed).

Get Started Making Android Apps

To get your apps on the Android marketplace so that you can start cashing in, you must first get the app made. You have several choices here.

  • learn how to make android apps
  • outsource application making
  • use software that streamlines the app making process

Learning how to make Android apps may not be everyone’s cup of tea (it certainly isn’t mine). You’ll need to learn a bunch of code and a whole bunch of techie stuff. Then there’s the fact that Google updates their Android versions all the time (there’s currently 4 versions) and you’ll have to keep up with these changes otherwise your apps may not work.

Outsourcing is the next option and this is how a lot of apps get made. For people with deep pockets (usually businesses can afford), this is the most viable option. You can get the work done fast, pay a fee and make the money back through any of the ways outlined above. For others, it can be very expensive and you may take a while to see any profits from your app.

Then there are software such as the Green App Machine, which offers a quick and easy way to research app ideas, create apps, put them on the Android Marketplace and monetize them. Using app creation software is an easy way to get started with making apps and cashing in on the opportunity.

Whichever way to choose, once you get your app made, do not stop with only one. Duplicate your efforts by making other useful applications and build yourself an app empire.

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