Day 5: Creating a Melody

Musical notesCreating a simple melody using the chords and scales tutorials is the subject of my day 5 challenge.

This is the first practical exercise since I started the challenge as all the other videos touched on either theory, introductions to various parts of FL Studio or walk-through of the interface.

I watched the video on Beat Generals about creating a simple melody and went back to the previous tutorials on chords and scales for a refresher.

I then opened up my workstation to get some practice on making simple melodies.

One of the problems that I found I had was finding good instruments to use so I just used the stock instruments in FL Studio. I’ll have to check out some of the Beat Generals downloads to see if there are any I could use.

Recording My Screen

As I go deeper into this challenge, I would like to record my screen so I could showcase my progress.

I used to have a screen recording software on my computer but it’s not that easy to use so I’m looking for suggestions on what to use to record my screen. It must be freeware and easy to use.

I’ll check around but welcome any suggestions on something I could use.

Making a Simple Beat

Putting everything together to make a simple beat is the next challenge but I think I need some practice with creating melodies so I’ll play with it a bit before I move on.

I’m looking forward to this tutorial as it will be the first real step in measuring my progress. If I can make a simple beat using scales, chords, melodies etc then I’m well on my way. We’ll see.

Until then check out my Beat Generals review and the previous challenges.

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