Kendrick Lamar is the GOAT!

Ok. Maybe ONE of the GOATS.

No one else really does this. Not consciously anyway.

I know there are a bit of rappers who changed up their voices but not for the reasons explained in the video above.

B.I.G. did it on Gimme the Loot to play another character. So did DMX in his Omen series.

A more recent example I can think of that comes close is Dave East on Don’t Shoot from his Kairi Chanel mixtape, where his voice goes through different pitches as he raps to show him maturing from a child to an adult.

But Kendrick using his different voices like that just shows he is more than just your run of the mill rapper. He’s an artist worthy of the GOAT title because he doesn’t just get into the studio and knock out songs. GKMC was a classic. To Pimp a Butterfly was a classic and DAMN. is almost flawless.

This is just my opinion anyway. If you doubt that Kendrick is one of the greatest of all time, just check out the video above. It’s only ONE reason why he is deserving of the title.

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