King Louie – Jeep Music Review

Jeep Music cover art

I think I’m going to start doing album and mixtape reviews on the blog. I just listened to King Louie’s (or King L) mixtape that dropped yesterday and had an opinion about it that I feel like sharing.

I got the push to go check out King Louie’s freestyle to Jay Z’s Tom Ford single while flipping through Flipboard. Somehow I never got to listen to the freestyle because I read that he had just dropped a mixtape.

Seeing that he had made an appearance on the weakest track on Yeezus, I decided to check out Jeep Music because maybe he might be worth listening to. After all, the guy is new and I’ve never heard anything from him.

Jeep Music Review

Jeep Music kicks off with “Time” which samples Chicago’s “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”. I guess it was just a matter of making a statement by sampling the namesake of your hometown but it sounded like a great start.

I think I fast forwarded through most of the rest of the tape so you know where I’m going with this review.

I did give most of the songs a fair listen and I kinda enjoyed “Beam” and his line “it’s like I’m f–king a bank, how does the money keep coming.”

King Louie raps on half the songs and Futures his way through the others. It’s very annoying to say the least. This is not my idea of what hip hop should be.

Highlights on Jeep Music include a parody of Usher’s 1998 hit single Nice & Slow and the Cortex sampling final track on the mixtape called “Made Music”.

The beats are your usual trap fare, nothing really stands out in terms of production. I did kinda like “Made Music” which is produced by LoKey who also does a couple of other songs on the mixtape including the aforementioned “Beam”.

Still I wouldn’t give this a second listen because it just sounds like another Chief Keef only a little more intelligent. Is this all Chicago has to offer?

Rating: 3/10

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