This Is How I Feel About Today’s Rap Too!

These Funk Volume rappers have some really funny skits.

I listened to Jarren Benton’s “Even More No Homo Skit” a couple of weeks ago and laughed like crazy.

Hopsin just dropped his album, Pound Syndrome, and there is one funny skit (which to me is the highlight of the album) called “No Words” which basically goes at some of these rappers today.

Sounds like Young Thug to me but what do I know; I don’t listen to those fools anyway.

But yeah, it’s accurate and mad funny.

It’s also the first time I’m listening to Hopsin. He’s great but still not enough to make me a fan. Like I enjoyed the album but it won’t make me go download his previous work or nothing.

Still, thanks for this awesome skit. I feel the same about these retarded azz rappers too.

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