FL Studio Hip Hop Tutorials

studio-mixerSo you want to make your own hip hop beats using FL Studio or you just want to get better at creating some banging trap beats. Finding great hip hop tutorials for FL Studio online can be a challenge.

Actually finding tutorials isn’t that hard but most are disorganized, or hard to follow. Or maybe they’ll show you a technique on making a certain type of beat but didn’t show you the steps.

Whatever the case may be, you’re not going to get any good unless you find some quality tutorials that you can follow to consistently create hip hop bangers.

Different Types of Hip Hop Beats

Since there are different styles of hip hop beats, you may want to find  tutorials for a specific type of beat.

For example, there’s the Kanye West soul-type beat that made him famous. This type of beat he used on Jay-Z’s The Blueprint and his first albums.

Here’s a sample hip hop tutorial from a site called Beat Generals. This is part of a tutorial where they do a Kanye West type beat similar to “Flashing Lights”.

Or you may want to make an anthem type beat like the ones from Young Jeezy’s TM101. Here’s another example tutorial.

Or maybe you’re into trap type beats like the ones Lex Luger makes. Trap beats are pretty popular today and there are a lot of songs on the radio that use trap beats.

There are even some producers who combine different styles with trap elements like rolling hi-hats and snares with a sample.

9th Wonder styled beats? Clams Casino style beats? I could go on and on about the different styles you could go for. The important thing is that you don’t try to steal anyone’s style but to learn from them – the different techniques they use, different sounds they use and so on.

Where to Find FL Studio Hip Hop Tutorials

You have different options for finding FL Studio hip hop tutorials.

  • You can search Google for the type of beat you’d like to make.
  • You can search Youtube for videos
  • You can browse beat-making forums and blogs.

However, if you’d like to really make progress with making hip hop instrumentals in FL Studio, it might be a better idea to find a site that has all their tutorials organized from beginner to more advanced and an environment conducive to learning.

One such site I can tell you about has

  • high quality video
  • new hip hop tutorials every week
  • kits and FLPs that compliment each tutorial
  • lots of tutorials for beginners, intermediate and advanced beat makers
  • support and more…

The site I’m talking about is Beat Generals and I mentioned them above where I show you some previews of beat tutorials they actually have. You can check out my full review of the site here.

I’m a member of Beat Generals and they do have a free trial if you want to check out their FL Studio tutorials. Here’s a video of them answering some questions you might have.

Try Beat Generals or if you would like more info check out my review.


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