Track of the Day: Guilty Conscience – 070 Shake

I first heard 070 Shake on Khaled’s Holy Mountain. Didn’t know what to think.

Well, I just got curious and clicked on this song in my YouTube homepage. “Guilty Conscience” has a serious 80s vibe to it and I love it.

I’m not sure what her other songs sound like but I’ll probably investigate. This is a really good song – it’s not hip-hop or dancehall so it’s a different genre from the songs I already have listed here.

I listen to a lot of different genres. I was raised like that. In my household, I listened to everything, all the records my pops had. Rock, metal, soul and funk stuff from the 70s, country records, blues, jazz, afrobeat and of course, I listened to what was played on the radio which included reggae, dancehall, r&b, hip-hop and soca/calypso.

Anyway, if I had to judge 070 Shake on just this one song, I would say I look forward to listening some more from her. I’m saying this without having listened to anything else she’s done.

“Guilty Conscience” is song #13 on my 30 day challenge as I try to listen to one new song every day in January.

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