Day 10: Tips for Your Drums

snare rollsLearned some exciting new tricks today, this time about making your drums sound crazy with rolls and all the trendy things they do with drums nowadays.

You’re not going to hear a lot of this stuff in that 90’s boom bap stuff. It’s more something you’ll hear in trap music but they do sound good even by themselves.

So it’s about 3 videos each covering different type of drums.

  1. Kicks
  2. Snares
  3. Hi-hats & Crashes

I watched each video once then I watched them again with FL Studio open while I tried the different techniques as I followed along. Then I experimented again without the videos.

I think once you can get the drums right, your beat is going to sound good. If you got weak drums, it doesn’t matter how dope your sample is, your beat is going to sound weak too. Hence, anything I’m going to pay attention to anything that helps me make the best out of my drums.

Which by the way reminds me that there are lots of different drum sounds you can download in the download section including the T-Minus kit and the Hit-Boy Kit. I’ve only downloaded their bonus kit so far so I need to check those out.

What You Can Do With Drums

Some of the different things covered in the video tutorials.


  • How to roll your kicks to give your beat that bouncy vibe.
  • How to do ghost kicks
  • Different types of rolls you can do with kicks.


  • Different types of snare rolls
  • Descending snares
  • Ascending snares

Hi-Hats & Crashes

  • Different hi-hat rolls
  • How different producers use hi-hats
  • Layering crashes with snares

To sum it up, the tutorials were awesome and I got excited throughout just to know that I could do these things with drums in FL Studio.

More cool stuff to practice along with making melodies, making a beat and using samples.

I’m on Day 10 and you can follow my progress trying to learn how to make hip hop beats by going to this page.

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