Drake – God’s Plan

Saw the video for God’s Plan by Drake tonight and it made me tear up a bit.

I’m not the biggest fan of Drake but I really loved this video. It made me happy inside to see him giving away money to people in need. The video intro says that he gave away close to $1 million dollars which was the allotted budget for the video.

This is the kind of person I am and I’m always saying that if I had that kind of money, I’d help more people by doing stuff like this. I already do it with what little I have.

A lot of rappers are too selfish and always bragging about how much money they got. Then they got the nerve to ask people to buy their music. Do they ever give anyone anything?

I don’t know for sure if Drake really gave away all that money but God bless him if he did. I got a little bit more respect for him for that.

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