Dexter: The Complete Series Collection (70% Off)

dexter complete collectionI love today’s Amazon Deal of the Day.

It’s Dexter: The Complete Series Collection and the reason I like this deal so much is because I’m currently watching and enjoying the series. I just finished watching the Season 3 finale and about to get into Season 4 on Netflix.

If you’re going to get this collectors edition, don’t get the one pictured above but instead get the one that I linked to.

dexter complete series

This collectors edition comes in a beautiful white package and the DVDs or blu-ray discs are packed into a slide box inspired by the one in the show where Dexter keeps his trophies. It also comes with a Grafix book featuring artwork from all eight seasons of the show.

There are 25 discs containing all 8 seasons of the show (96 episodes) as well as a bonus disc filled with 3 hours of special features.

Not Perfect but Nice Nonetheless

There was one issue that many Amazon reviewers had with the product pictured above. The slide box shows nice wood finish but the actual product is really cardboard designed to look like wood.

I guess people were expecting a wooden slide box but that would have been more expensive to mass produce. It’s still a nice touch to have the design look exactly like the slide box Dexter uses on the show.

Another issue was the price for the full set which on any regular day is about $308. That IS kinda steep but today with the Amazon Deal you could get it for only $99 which is a significant reduction.

Not sure if Amazon is going to reduce this anytime after today but they might do so on Black Friday.

It’s back to Netflix for me as I continue to binge watch the show about everybody’s favorite serial killer.

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