Track of the Day: Deep – Fat Joe & Dre

I have been seeing this video showing up in my YouTube feed probably since it was released a month ago. I’ve never clicked on it until today.

I actually thought this was old but didn’t know it was some new Fat Joe stuff. I’ve always been a fan of Fat Joe since the 90s.

A mini-movie is what I didn’t expect and it’s so bad that it’s good. Movie features Nore, Irv Gotti and more.

The song ain’t that bad either – typical Fat Joe stuff along the lines of songs like “What’s Luv” and it features Dre from Cool & Dre singing on some autotune.

I had to go seek out the song version to have a better listen. It’s not bad at all.

It’s day 6 of my one new song a day challenge and I’ve listened lots of new music since. I’m blogging each one for the remainder of the 30 days.

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