Track of the Day: Darkness – Eminem

So Eminem just dropped a surprise album, Music to Get Murdered By and I haven’t heard all of it as yet but I found this official video for the release on YouTube.

“Darkness” finds Em fighting his demons in Las Vegas. The second verse is mad on the wordplay and double entendre. The last verse is interesting and echoes 2017’s deadly Las Vegas shooting.

I guess everyone is just looking for some shadow of a response to Nick Cannon. I’m not, to be honest as I didn’t even listen to any of Nick’s diss songs.

“Darkness” comes with a message about America’s gun laws and the video ends with “When will this end? When enough people care” and asking viewers to register to vote.

I’m just past the half way mark on my January challenge to listen to one new song every day for 30 days.

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