Day 12: A Commercial Type Beat

radioToday I jumped ahead and checked out an advanced tutorial. I decided to dig right to the last page and the tutorial was right there showing how the Beat Generals make a commercial, radio-friendly type beat.

It was nice to see the whole thing come together from choosing the sounds, making the different change ups to adding the different drums.

I think this is what the other tutorials are all about in the advanced section. It’s like having a producer invite you into the studio (FL Studio) and let you watch over his shoulder how to make a beat while explaining how he does it.

The finished product came out real nice and I could actually picture hearing that on the radio.

My Thoughts While Watching The Tutorial

The guy on the video knew what he was doing and with all the different layers he added to the beat, the change up and the different drum pattern, I found myself questioning my ability to become the type of person who could put together something like that.

Maybe my beats would be thin. I won’t want that.

Maybe I won’t pick the right sounds that sound good together.

I reassured myself that I’m still just learning and haven’t even made a beat yet. I doesn’t happen overnight and I certainly won’t be selling beats to Drake by the end of this 30 Day challenge.

My goal at present is to just be competent at using FL Studio to do the basics and to advance from there.

I’ve made a lot of progress since the beginning of the challenge and since I’ve joined Beat Generals about 2 weeks ago and that tells me that it’s OK to question myself because I’ll be fine as long as I have the passion and desire to make beats.

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