Day 13: Making Chopped & Screwed Hooks

It’s day 13 and I’m almost half way through the challenge. I’m learning something new everyday and today is another great lesson in sampling.

This time it’s the popular technique of using chopped and screwed vocals for your hooks.

According to the Beat Generals, this can actually increase beat sales because it saves the artist the chore of having to come up with a hook. So find a nice vocal, sample it and then use the technique to add a chopped and screwed hook to the beat.

It might seem like a simple task but there’s actually more to chopping and screwing a vocal sample than lowering the pitch.

The tutorial shows how to lower the pitch and use the step sequencer to correctly add the vocal to the beat.

You also have to make sure that the hook doesn’t run into the verse at the end and this can be remedied by adjusting the envelope so that it cuts right out at the end.

Additional tips include sending the vocal to the piano roll to further chop it up and make it sound even cooler.

New Updates Tomorrow

So far I’ve noticed that new updates are added to the Beat Generals site every Monday morning so there should be a new tutorial tomorrow.

Since I’m almost done watching all the videos in the intermediate section, I might just check out the new update which will most likely be a remake or a “style” tutorial of a popular beat.

I’ll be watching it to see how the techniques I’ve learned all tie into constructing a beat. And because I haven’t watched any of these videos as yet save for the one on making a commercial radio type beat.

Until tomorrow, check out ASAP Rocky’s Purple Swag where everything is not only purple but chopped and screwed as well. Inspiration…

What’s your favorite chopped and screwed moment in hip-hop?

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