All the Characters in Google’s Dracula Doodle

Some hate it and some love it. Either way it’s a cool way to celebrate Bram Stoker’s 165th birthday – a doodle on Google’s homepage.

Bram Stoker doodle © 2012 Google

Dracula can be clearly seen on the right of the doodle with his scraggly hands, sharp canine and characteristic cape. But who are the other characters?

If you’re a fan of Dracula then you may not have much trouble naming them all. However, you may just casually know about Dracula and are asking yourself who those other people might be.

Here’s a breakdown. From right to left starting with Dracula.

  • Dracula
  • The Sisters – sometimes known as Dracula’s 3 brides although in the book they’re never mentioned as married to Dracula.

You can see the castle in the background as in indication that these characters appear in Transylvania. This means that the next to characters are:

  • Johnathan Harker – This is the guy who went to Transylvania to meet the count and is seen at the opening of many film adaptations of the novel
  • Mina Harker – Johnathan’s wife – you can see two bite marks on her neck as she had been bitten by the count and succumb to his spell.
  • Quincey Morris – This is the guy in the western hat. He’s described as the rich young American from Texas
  • Arthur Holmwood – He’s in love with Lucy and you can see the worried look on his face with the “questioning” hand as he ponders the mysterious illness of his fiancee.
  • Lucy Westenra – Holmwood’s love interest and she appears with her eyes closed and pointing at Dracula (or the bat in the sky).
  • Abraham Van Helsing – Helsing, the famous vampire hunter, is shown over Lucy and is a friend of Dr. John Seward on his left. Is that a stake in his right hand?
  • Dr. John Seward – He’s the administrator at the nut house and Van Helsing’s friend as well as an admirer of Lucy.
  • Renfield – the delusional nutcase who frequently eats small insects such as flies and spiders.

I also see a dog with the brides. I’m not too familiar with that part of the story.

How did I do? Notice anything special in the doodle that I might have missed?

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