The Best Way To Experience Netflix

I love Netflix. I’ve been streaming movies since I took up the free trial offer about 6 months ago and I’m hooked. I’ve had cable for a long time and I almost never watch it. It’s mainly for the other people in the house. Before Netflix, I rarely watched movies and the few that I […]

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Google Treasure Maps

April Fools on the Internet 2013: A Roundup

April Fools Day is here once again. Since I don’t feel like getting pranked today, I’ve decided to stay away from society and just look for all the pranks on the internet. Google usually has a bunch of good ones each year and a lot of other sites have followed in their footsteps and feature […]

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Mary Leakey & her Dalmatians in Google’s Doodle

Google celebrates archaeologist and anthropologist Mary Leakey’s 100th birthday with a doodle today. Leakey is depicted here discovering the Laetoli footprints in Tanzania. The dogs in the picture are dalmatians and I’ve seen some questions online that indicate people are confused by this detail. So what do the dalmatians have to do with Mary Leakey? […]

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Youtube Slow on Android Phone? Try This!

Watching Youtube videos on my Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone used to be a painful experience for me. The video would take forever to load and would constantly buffer. I know it isn’t my internet connection causing the problem because I used to watch movies on my former Nokia smartphone. I have found through looking […]

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