Avon 12 Days of Deals

No Turtledoves Here – 9 Stores With 12 Days of Deals

Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, you might think that the deals are over as well. However, there are much more deals to be had whether you’re shopping online or in stores. Online, some stores are having 12 Days of Deals promotions (named after the Christmas song 12 Days of Christmas). But […]

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Today I Learned: Detox Products are Shams

Today I learned something about most detox products that are being sold online and in stores – they’re all just marketing hype and none of them are going to do anything for you. The only true detoxes are the ones used as treatment for drug addicts to get high levels of toxic substances out of […]

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Six Degrees of Music Separation on Whosampled

One of my favorite websites to visit online is Whosampled.com. Since 2009, I’ve been a contributing member, submitting samples, covers, remixes and movie sources and even moderated submissions for a while. I’ve also created discussions and helped solved samples but the most fun thing about using Whosampled is discovering samples and other musical connections. Six […]

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to pimp a butterfly

The Very Best of 2015: A Roundup

2015 is over and it’s time for those end-of-year lists again. As usual, I scour the web reading the lists that I’m interested in and I do one big roundup of only the top items giving you only the very best of the year 2015. I started this in 2012, didn’t have time to do […]

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Run the Jewels 2

The Very Best of 2014: A Roundup

It’s the end of another year again and everyone is doing their “best of” list of everything that happened under the sun in 2014. For the second time, I’m going to round up all that information in one post to showcase the very best of all the best of lists. Only the items that appeared […]

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