Day 8: Song Structure

This is an interesting bit of knowledge to add to what I learned yesterday and it’s how to structure the beat when you’re putting it together in the playlist. Sometimes I hear beats that just sound like it’s a straight loop without much variation. Learning how to structure your songs can help you knock out […]

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Day 7: Creating a Simple Beat

So I just saw a video on the whole process of making a simple beat minus the mixing and the mastering. I actually learned a lot from this excellent tutorial. I can say that the process looks simple once you know what you’re doing but ultimately it takes a whole lot of creativity to come […]

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Day 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

I still haven’t moved on after the video on creating melodies. If I’m going to get good at this, I don’t want to rush it and be just average. To become great at this takes practice and I haven’t made a decent melody that I’m satisfied with. Until I’m satisfied, I don’t  think I can […]

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Musical notes

Day 5: Creating a Melody

Creating a simple melody using the chords and scales tutorials is the subject of my day 5 challenge. This is the first practical exercise since I started the challenge as all the other videos touched on either theory, introductions to various parts of FL Studio or walk-through of the interface. I watched the video on […]

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Day 4: Some Music Theory – Scales & Chords

Naturally, when I first asked about learning to make beats online, I wanted to know if it was absolutely necessary that I know any music theory. I was told that it is not necessary but it would help you especially with melodies and stuff. Some people are naturally gifted at using their ear but I […]

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