Beat Generals Automation slide

Day 14: Using Automation Effects

I had originally planned to check out the new update today but it turned out they were doing a style tutorial based on Nicki Minaj’s “High School” which was produced by T-Minus. Here’s a preview of the tutorial if you’re interested. I’m not a fan of Nicki Minaj and I’m not really into that beat […]

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everything is purple

Day 13: Making Chopped & Screwed Hooks

It’s day 13 and I’m almost half way through the challenge. I’m learning something new everyday and today is another great lesson in sampling. This time it’s the popular technique of using chopped and screwed vocals for your hooks. According to the Beat Generals, this can actually increase beat sales because it saves the artist […]

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Day 12: A Commercial Type Beat

Today I jumped ahead and checked out an advanced tutorial. I decided to dig right to the last page and the tutorial was right there showing how the Beat Generals make a commercial, radio-friendly type beat. It was nice to see the whole thing come together from choosing the sounds, making the different change ups […]

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