final destination 5

Movies Watched: Final Destination Films

Whenever I watch films that are a part of a franchise or sequels, I always try to watch them in order. Having Netflix has been a great opportunity for me to catch up on franchise films like these because you get to pick what you want to watch and you can just watch them back […]

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the godfather

Movies Watched: Film Series, Franchises and Sequels

Over the last three months, I’ve watched about 85 movies online but haven’t posted the usual weekly or monthly round up of those movies. I’m not going to post all the movies in this article but rather, I’m going to post about the film series, sequels and franchise movies that I’ve watched over the past […]

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A Perfect Getaway Was Less than Perfect

I was looking for some new stuff the other night to watch on Netflix and decided to add a movie from 2009 called “A Perfect Getaway”. It’s a movie I skipped over a lot of times while browsing titles but somehow I got curious and added it to my watchlist. Looks interesting, I thought. It’s […]

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Yes Man poster

Yes Man Movie Review

You know how they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover? This is the movie poster for Yes Man on Netflix. I would never watch a movie like that judging from the cover. This looked to me like some motivational documentary and for months I passed it over without adding it to my watch […]

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netflix dashboard

My Netflix Review (Plus August Movies)

This month, I watched about 25 movies, the most I’ve seen in a long time over a 30 day period. This is probably due to the fact that I just signed up for Netflix last month and have been enjoying it, watching television shows that I need to catch up on and movies that I’ve […]

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