Fargo 1996

I Need To See Fargo Again!

Just watching IMDB’s throwback trailer for the 1996 movie Fargo and I realize that I need to see this movie again. I remember the film winning some awards and I remember watching and enjoying it a long time ago (maybe 20 years ago). Then the series came out and the first season was really good. […]

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10 Trending Halloween Costumes Inspired by 2017 Movies

Halloween is almost here. And that means pumpkins, horror films and costume parties. If you haven’t done so by this time, you’re undoubtedly looking for Halloween costume ideas so that you can buy or DIY something to wear to a Halloween party. Ideas aren’t really that hard to come by since there is inspiration all […]

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marilynmonroe deal

Marilyn Monroe Classic 9 Film Collection (85% Off)

This is a great deal for fans of Marilyn Monroe. It’s the Marilyn Monroe Classic 9 Film Collection which normally goes for about $200. Today (28/7/2015), it’s only $30 which is a crazy 85% off. The 9 films are some of Monroe’s best known films and include: Some Like It Hot The Seven Year Itch […]

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