Day 11: BPMs, Transitions and FL Studio Manual

fl-studioNothing much in day 11.

I’m really just trying to get a hang of what I’ve learned so far so I took a look at some video tips on finding the bpm of a song. This is something I knew about before but I also picked up how to do it with a midi keyboard setup. I don’t have one of those though.

Then a video on doing transitions and marking your beats. Like how Dilla used the airhorns from Mantronix’s King of the Beats. Or Akon’s Konvict music jail house clangs. Or Just Blaze’s synth rises.

That type of stuff. These aren’t of any major importance in learning how to make beats but great to know how to do.

Messing Around

I also did some messing around inside FL Studio. Found some projects that came with the installation I guess and took a look at them.

I found a few, one synth-pop, one dance and one hip hop and looked at how they were made. I checked out all the patterns in the step sequencer then looked at how they were arranged in the playlist and also in the piano roll. Interesting stuff for sure.

I did some practice on making melodies and found how to control the notes with my keyboard, how to find the chords using the piano roll and by accident opened the FL Studio Manual (F1 on your keyboard).

FL Studio Manual

The FL Studio Manual by itself can teach you a lot about using FL Studio. It’s broken down into the different parts of the program so it can be a great guide and companion to any tutorial program.

Definitely read the manual if you’re going to be using FL Studio. In addition to checking out the videos on Beat Generals, I’m also going to take a little time each day to get familiar with the program using the manual.

What’s Next

There’s still quite a bit of intermediate videos left to go through. I’ll check out videos on different types of automation techniques next, some other techniques plus mixing and mastering your beats.

After that it’s on to the advanced section.

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